Buyer Representation

Buyer Representation Buyer Representation: A buyer’s agent, under a Buyer Agency Agreement, acts solely on behalf of the buyer. A sub-agent of the buyer is one who has agreed to work with the buyer’s agent and who, like the buyer’s agent, acts solely on behalf of the buyer. Buyer’s agents and their sub-agents will disclose to the buyer known information about the seller which may be used to benefit the buyer. The duties a buyer’s agent and sub-agent owe to the buyer include:
  • Promoting the best interest of the buyers
  • Fully disclosing to the buyer all facts that might affect or influence the buyer’s decision to tender an offer to purchase real estate
  • Keeping confidential the buyer’s motivations for buying
  • Presenting all offers on behalf of the buyer
  • Disclosing to the buyer all information about the willingness of the seller to complete the sale or to accept a lower price
The bottom line: a Buyer’s Agent represents YOU, the purchaser. Here are some of the advantages of this relationship when working with me under a Buyer Agency Relationship: Craig Recob
  • I will respect the price range that you have established (not show you homes beyond your price range)
  • I am completely dedicated to you, the buyer
  • I will take the time it takes to find you the right home
  • I will negotiate the best price and terms for you
  • I will utilize a &Buyer’s Contract& to afford you the greatest contractual protection
  • I will prepare a &Comparative Market Analysis& (CMA) to show you recent comparable sales and give you the information you need to identify the proper price to pay for the home
  • I will point out reasons not to buy
  • I will advocate your interests, and only your interests, throughout the entire buying process
  • I will make recommendations with respect to quality, competitively priced lenders
  • I will make recommendations with respect to inspectors and testing firms
  • I will make recommendations with respect to attorneys
  • I will obtain and review the closing documents prior to the closing and follow up on any errors or unusual items that we discover
  • I will review the closing documents with you
  • I will meet with you prior to closing to walk-through the property
  • I will attend the closing with you
  • I will follow up with you after the fact to ensure your complete satisfaction
Craig Recorb